Services for military flights

Services for military flights

Technical hangar rental

We offer over 5,000 m2 of hangar space, as well as 10,000 m2 of concrete surface storage space outdoors.

Headquarters premises rental

We offer you the use of the office premises available in the RIX GH hangar with conference equipment (telecommunications, projector and computer) which are ideal suited for establishing a short-term headquarters at Riga International Airport.

Vehicle services within the RIX apron zone 

If you regularly need to drive about the RIX territory in accordance with your flight service requirements, we offer vehicle transport complete with a qualified driver to drive you about the airport – both minibuses and cars are available.

Specialised equipment rental 

If you need specialised equipment (e.g. cranes etc.) to service aircraft cargoes, at your request, we will provide any configuration and lifting equipment.

Our special business and VIP aviation coordinators work 24 hours a day to take care of the prompt arrival and departure of your flight. Please notify us about the flight in good time – at least 24 hours before the planned departure or arrival!

Please note that any payments can only be made by a bank transfer in advance. Unfortunately, cash payments are not possible. If you are planning to use RIX GH services on a regular basis, please contact us about signing a contract!

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