Business and VIP flights

Business and VIP flights

RIX GH offers a full range of ground handling services for private flights including general aviation, business and VIP flights. In addition, as part of our aircraft ground handling service, we will help you to receive flight permits, coordinate and supervise third party services (e.g. fuel filling, food and beverage, etc.), we’ll organise services outside the airport territory (transport, hotels, etc.), as well as help you to resolve any customs and immigration issues.

While you wait for your airplane, you’re invite you to relax at our exclusive VIP centre! This centre has become the benchmark for VIP services throughout Europe – responsive and discreet employees, elegant waiting lounges and a drive in a limousine to and from your aircraft. All you need to do is to fill in the application, we’ll do the rest!

  • Service working hours

Our special business and VIP aviation coordinators work 24 hours a day to take care of the prompt arrival and departure of your flight. Please notify us about the flight in good time – at least 24 hours before the planned departure or arrival!

  • Mobility ramp for business aviation

We offer business and VIP flight passengers with special needs a special mobility ramp, which is ideally suited for occasions when a passenger needs to board or disembark from an airplane in a wheelchair. This mobility ramp is specially built for business aviation requirements, which is appropriate for smaller aircraft which are not suited to the usual PRM ambulift.

  • Other services

At your request, RIX GH will organise everything you need to serve your aircraft, as well as the provision of the service you require for the convenience of your flight crew and passengers:

  • flight plan approval;
  • de-icing/anti-icing;
  • fuel filling (we accept almost all aviation fuel cards);
  • hotels and transfers for both passengers and flight crews;
  • delivery of food and beverages to the aircraft (including from any restaurant in the city);
  • and much else besides.

Apply for this service.

Please note that any payments can only be made by a bank transfer in advance. Unfortunately, cash payments are not possible.