Cargo Aircraft

Cargo Aircraft

Riga International Airport offers an integrated transport network (air, sea, road and railway) with fast and direct access to the Baltic, Eastern European and Scandinavian market.

RIX GH has all the necessary GSE equipment and staff to provide full range of ground handling services both for scheduled cargo carriers (currently DHL, TNT and UPS) as well as any ad hoc or other scheduled cargo program aircraft.

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Service hours

Our ad hoc ground handling service capacity is sufficient for any aircraft, including Boeing 747-8. Our experienced ramp staff can handle any type of cargoes – from ULDs to bulk  cargo.

We can also serve aircraft with the following cargo types:

  • food cargo (including those that require special thermal regimes);
  • live animal cargo;
  • fitogoods and veterinary product cargo;
  • hazardous product cargo;
  • large and non-standard cargo.

RIX GH capacity is sufficient to handle B747-8F aircraft with incoming and outgoing ULD / palletized cargo within about two hours. We have everything to handle aircraft of any size:

  • highloaders (with a lifting capacity of up to 14 t);
  • forklifts;
  • container and pallet dollies and tugs;
  • other necessary specialized equipment on demand.

RIX has prioritizied to increase cargo flow and our infrastructure and technical equipment is ready for this task.

  • aprons and runway can accommodate up to B747-8F aircraft;
  • no restrictions on aircraft movement;
  • RFFS service available up to Category 9 (with at least 12 hour prior notice);
  • refueling (incl. underground hydrant system for larger aircraft);
  • from the second half of 2020, three E class aircraft parking spaces are specifically available for cargo aircraft.

Our cargo clients include: